Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Belgrade, Big Sky & Bozeman, MT

When cleaning your carpets, it is important to use the best products and services available. You walk on, sit on and live with your carpets everyday. As a result, you need to leave your carpet cleaning to the experts - Pristine Specialty Cleaning INC. - serving Bozeman, Manhattan, Three Forks and Big Sky, Montana.

There are many pollutants inside our homes, and one of the biggest is our own skin! We actually shed 600,000 particles of skin every hour. When you include foot traffic from you, your family, pets, dog and cat shedding, and soil from the outside air in the form of dust or smoke, you can really begin to see how many pollutants exist. Now you can see why even if the carpet looks clean, there are still particulates that haven't made it into the vacuum bag that are feeding dust mites and growing bacteria.

The main reason to clean your carpet is for health! Pristine's experts are trained, certified and equipped to perform a variety of carpet cleaning methods including Bonnet, Dry Cleaning, and Encapsulation. However, for most home situations, we generally recommend hot water extraction. Our patented, mobile system generates 100 times more cleaning power than conventional portable, plug-in units.

Make an appointment with Pristine for carpet cleaning, and let us fully extract and clean rinse your carpets with 230+ degree bacteria-killing water. What is more pure than hot water? We have packages to meet the needs of all Bozeman and surrounding area residents.

Why professional carpet cleaning? Take a look!

Our carpet cleaning process is comprehensive

  • Pre-inspection - Our technician will visually inspect your carpet to identify stains and give you an evaluation of expected results.
  • High power Pre-vacuum - Around 70% of the soil in carpet is dry particulate, this is one of the most important steps in cleaning. Our vacuum process removes soil the average vacuum leaves behind. We go another step and use our edge tool to clean next to all baseboards and other hard to reach areas.
  • Furniture moving - Items such as sofas, chairs, tables, beds, dressers, etc. are moved forward, cleaned under, moved back and gently placed on blocks or tabs. Minimal movement ensures your valuable possessions are not damaged.
  • Baseboards - We carefully wipe off dust and other debris that has collected on your baseboards.
  • Pre-spot - Some spots need to be treated before applying pre-spray to ensure the proper ph is used to safely remove spot instead of setting the stain.
  • Pre-spray - A preconditioning agent is applied to break down traffic area soil and general spots for more thorough cleaning. Remember we have a variety of options in our green clean arsenal.
  • Soil Extraction and Rinse - The carpet is thoroughly rinsed with 230 degree soft water. Our powerful truck-mounted mobile plant generates 100 times more cleaning power than conventional portable plug-in units with carpets dry in 3-5 hours.
  • Neutralization - The carpet is left pH balanced so no sticky residue is left behind. This is in accordance with manufacturer specs which makes the carpet soft and fresh again.
  • Post-spot - Any spots remaining are now treated with extra skill and our specialty solutions.
  • Stain-shield - For longer carpet life and fewer permanent stains, we are certified to reapply the factory protection ie. Scotchguard, etc. (our cleaners are specially formulated to not remove the protector, however the factory protections wears off after a year's traffic and should be reapplied).
  • Post Grooming - Your carpet is groomed to work in the protector evenly and restore the nap of your carpet which also aids in drying.
  • Speed Dry - We have developed systems to ensure your carpet dries in just a few hours, furthermore we can leave high velocity air movers placed on the carpet immediately after cleaning to further accelerate drying.
  • Post-Cleaning Inspection - Our technician will walk through with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results.
  • Equipment Sanitization - We want to show up at each home with fresh clean equipment so we use systems to properly clean our hose & equipment between jobs.
  • Bottle of Spotter - We leave you a bottle of spotter that is safe to use on your carpet, for pets & children, won't set stains, and does not remove the stain shield on your carpet.