1. Reputation Making the Bozeman and the surrounding area pristine since 1994. We are the go-to source for realtors, property managers, high-end retailers and, most importantly, picky home owners. We are very proud of the fact that the majority of our business is repeat and referral business.
  2. Education Jason Brinkman (president of Pristine Specialty Cleaning INC. in Bozeman MT)has been recognized by the industry's most trusted quality regulator, the IICRC ( for more information) more than 13 times for excellence and certifications in fine textile & hard surface cleaning & restoration. Our staff also includes the area's most trusted leather care professional Rachelle Brinkman (Vice President of Pristine in Bozeman, MT) who also has various certifications through the IICRC.
  3. Experience We have provided expert service in more areas, and to a greater extent than any other cleaner in the area. Our expertise spans from cleaning a $50,000 silk rug to removing stains other carpet cleaners left behind, to cleaning dog feces off a custom hair-on NY rug to restoring sun faded, parched leather furniture.
  4. Green Our commitment to making your home a healthier place to raise children and live makes us the number one choice for carpet cleaning Bozeman. From recycling every piece of cardboard, plastic, etc. to using the latest in green cleaners and technology, we truly do love the area we live in and want to show our responsibility to make sure it stays Pristine.
  5. Local One of the things that make our city and area truly unique is the local businesses. We all have our favorite local restaurant and retailer. Because we are not a franchise we can customize our business to meet each individuals needs and surpass expectations. Franchises have McDonaldized carpet cleaning which makes them a fast in and out service with no specialized training to remove spots or properly care for delicate materials.
  6. Guarantee If you are not happy, call 406-582-8016 and we'll be happy to come out right away to remedy the situation. If you're still not happy, we'll give you a full refund. We guarantee no spots will return, and on the rare occasion that they do, call us within 30 days and we will remove them for no charge